It is normal anxietyto feel anxious when you find yourself in a situation that is threatening or difficult and for the anxiety to stop when you get used to the situation or when the situation changes.  If you feel anxious all the time or for no obvious reason you may be suffering from anxiety.

Although worry, fear and anxiety are unpleasant, they can be helpful:

  • psychologically – to make you alert and give you the ‘get up and go’ to deal with problems;
  • physically – they make you body ready for action for example to run away from danger or to attack it – the ‘fight or flight’ response

However, if it gets too intense, or goes on for too long, it can make you feel bad and interfere with your life and potentially it can make you depressed and damage your physical health.

Feelings of anxiety become a problem when they are too strong or when they carry on even when we don’t need them anymore. They can make you uncomfortable, stop you from doing the things you want to and can make life difficult.

Everyone faces anxiety and stress at some point in their life. If you find that stress or anxiety is interfering with the quality of your life the attached link offers information that may help.

Our colleagues at the Coventry and Warwick NHS Trust have put together some audio self-help recordings on the topics listed below which might be helpful.

– Stress
– Social Anxiety
– Anger
– Panic Attacks
– Negative Thinking
– Worry

To listen to any of these recordings click here Audio Self Help

Well Being Action Plan – the attached is a link to a well-being action plan that you can use to help you develop your own strategy for looking after and improving your well-being.

Being Well – My Action Plan