Babies and Children

Childhood Illnesses


This is very common and often associated with a cold. It is not always due to an ear infection. Simple treatment includes giving regular junior paracetamol. If the earache persists for two to three days, then you should consult your doctor for further advice.

Coughs and Colds

These are very common and are usually due to a virus, so often antibiotics are not very helpful. Simple remedies include cough linctuses from the chemist, inhaling over a steam bowl if the child is old enough, and making sure the bedroom is not too dry from the central heating. It helps sometimes if you boil the kettle in the bedroom so there is more moisture in the air. For further information about coughs and colds see Coughs and Colds in Children

Diarrhoea and Vomiting

This is common in children and usually short-lived. It is usually caused by a virus. Treatment involves replacing the fluid the child is losing by giving regular and frequent drinks. Choose clear fluids- water, diluted squashes etc and give small amounts often. Give paracetamol for any associated fever or tummy pain.  For further information in diarrhoea and vomiting see Diarrhoea in Children

Head Lice

These creatures prefer clean hair and are not a sign of poor hygiene.  First line treatment is careful combing with plenty of conditioner with a special nit comb repeated over several days until clear.  Nit combs, medicated shampoos and lotions are available from the chemist and some supermarkets without prescription.  For further information about head lice see Checking for Head Lice


These are not uncommon in young children and are not dangerous. They make a home in the intestines and wriggle out of your child’s bottom at night to lay their eggs. To avoid your child getting worms make sure they keep their hands and nails clean and keep nails short. Worming medicines are available from the chemist without prescription. For further information about worms see Medicines for Worms

Babies and Safe Sleeping

Northamptonshire Council  have put together the following leaflet which gives some helpful information about babies and ensuring they are safe while sleeping. Click on link to view Safer Sleeping

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