Self Care

the first step to saving the

The NHS spends millions of pounds a year on medicine and products that can easily be bought in community pharmacies, supermarkets or other high street shops.

By buying some of these medicines and products rather than getting them on prescription you are helping your NHS save money.

If the medicine you need can be bought without a prescription, we may ask you if you are willing to buy it rather than give you a prescription for it.

Your local community pharmacist can tell you which medicines are available to buy and can also offer advice on minor ailments such as upset tummies, dry skin, hay fever and allergies, headaches and temperatures etc. 

In 2017 Towcester Medical Centre Spent:

1,595 GP appointments & £4,518 on Hay Fever and Allergies
572 GP appointments & £7,152 on Headaches and Temperatures
512 GP appointments & £14,391 on Dry Skin
1,219 GP appointments & £8,199 on Upset Tummies

In order to help the NHS we all need to start being more SELF CARE AWARE. If you are interested in this and want to know more about SELF CARE and what you can do to help the following link may be of interest:

NHS Self Care Forum