Fees for Private Medicals & Reports

Fees for Private Medicals and Reports

The above link provides a list which covers the work we’re asked to undertake most frequently.  Other work may be chargeable at different rates depending on the length of time it will take to complete and the complexity of the information required. If you have something that needs to be completed by a doctor please ask at reception.  The receptionist will refer your requirement to the administrators who handle chargeable work who will notify you of the cost.

The timescale for completion of this type of work is between 4 and 6 weeks and may be longer if there are a large number of requests.  Please note that a doctor is unable to simply sign something during a consultation in order for it to be completed quickly. When a doctor is asked to sign a letter or a form it is generally to verify medical information relating to the patient which still requires investigation into the patients history which takes time, particularly if the history is lengthy or complex.

Please be aware that we do not have card payment facilities at either surgery so payments need to be made in cash or by cheque.