Care Navigation

Introducing Care Navigation    

When you call we’ve always asked for some details about your problem

This was to ensure that you were seen by the right person within the practice

In future staff will also offer more options regarding where you can get the most appropriate care without the need for a GP appointment

This will help us to help you identify the most appropriate place for your care

Going to the right service with the expertise to deal with the problem will often be quicker

Staff will not offer clinical advice or triage

This new way of working is about offering the choice to see other specialists

Care navigation gives patients a first point of contact which directs them to the most appropriate source of help

Staff acting as care navigators are trained to ensure the patient is booked with the right service first time

This may include services in the community as well as within the practice

– It’s easier to get an appointment with the doctor
– It frees up about 5% of demand for GP consultations in most practices
– The wait to see a specialist care provider is shorter
– It makes more appropriate use of each team members skills

How It Works

When you ask for an appointment the member of staff you speak to will ask you what you need the appointment for.

  • Staff will offer you the option to see a Community Pharmacist if you have a minor ailment such as a cold, sore throat, verruca, hay fever etc.
  • Staff will offer you the option to speak directly to First for Wellbeing if you need help with weight management, employment, financial issues, social inclusion etc.
  • Staff will offer you the option to see IAPT if you are suffering from depression, stress, difficulty coping, anxiety etc.
  • Staff will offer young people (under 25) a list of local pharmacies who offer free Emergency Hormonal Contraception if you need it
  • Staff will offer you details of our local BPAS office if you need help or advice relating to an unplanned pregnancy

As other services are introduced to the Care Navigation program these will also be offered to patients in the first instance.