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Struggling to get to appointments?

Towcester Area Door to Door (TADD) is a long-established local charity operating a door-to-door community transport service for people in our area. The service, operated by volunteer drivers, enables the elderly and disabled to attend medically related appointments and services, is affordable and helps retain independence and counteract isolation.  It is a lifeline in the absence of suitable public transport and helps avoid reliance on family, friends and neighbours.

It costs just £20 a year to become a member and mileage is payable in cash to the volunteer driver at a rate of £0.45 per mile.  Journeys are booked in advance over the phone.  More information is available on our website www.towcesterareadoor2door.com or call 01327 810300.

Over the last year many of TADD’s volunteer drivers have stepped down due to health or age reasons and won’t be returning.  Other volunteers have been doing a fantastic job in their local communities: shopping, delivering medicines, befriending and helping at food banks. There are many people who rely on TADD in our community, so if you have a little spare time and are a driver, please consider volunteering to help your neighbours.  You never know when you might need to use the service yourself!

Drivers need to have access to a car, be available on a fairly regular basis and complete a DBS check.  Mileage is reimbursed at the HMRC rate, insurance premiums are not affected and journeys are allocated weekly by mutual agreement.

To learn more about volunteering for TADD visit www.towcesterareadoor2door.com or email [email protected]

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