Training Practice

Towcester Medical Centre is an accredited Training Practice involved in the teaching of both GP Registrars and medical students. We value their fresh ideas, and learn a lot from them. Being approved for training also helps us to monitor and improve our patient care continually.

You may be offered an appointment with a Registrar, who is a fully qualified Doctor undergoing specialist GP training, or you may find your GP or nurse accompanied by a medical student or Registrar.

We will always advise you if the doctor you are seeing is accompanied by a Registrar or medical student. If you are uncomfortable about this, please tell our receptionist, and an alternative appointment will be offered, or we will make sure that they are not present at your consultation.

As part of continuous improvement our registrars sometimes video their consultations, this is only viewed by them and their trainer and is deleted afterwards. This will not be done without your consent and you can change your mind at any point during or after the consultation.