It’s really important that we are able to communicate with our patients. In order to do this we need to have up to date contact details.

We need to know all our patients current:

 Home Address

Mobile Number 

Home Number


e-mail E-mail Address

We won’t share any personal information with anyone else, but having your contact details allows us to send out reminders for appointments, medication reviews and communicate with you if we need to for any reason.

If you move or change any of your contact details, please let us know.

You can update your contact details by using Patient Access. Click here to sign in or register with Patient Access to do this. Alternatively, contact reception to let us know your details if we do not already have them or if anything has changed.

Phone Calls To & From the Surgery

We are duty bound to make patients aware that in coming and out going telephone calls are automatically recorded. This is done for a variety of reasons mainly to help with staff training and monitoring customer service standards as well as adherence to medical practice guidelines. Recorded calls can also help to provide evidence in the event of a complaint or dispute. Calls can also be saved as sound files and attached to a patient record if it is deemed necessary.