Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test is an opportunity for you to give your opinion on the the service you receive from your healthcare providers. It is a feedback method managed by NHS England which all GP practices must undertake. It is not a traditional one-off survey but continuous feedback from patients to the practice.

As your GP practice we would like your feedback on the care or treatment we give you any time you visit or have contact with us. This means that you can comment, not just on appointments, but after speaking to us on the phone or visiting the surgery for any reason, ordering a prescription or using our web-site. You can give your feedback anonymously and it doesn’t take long.

The Friends and Family Test is important to us as a practice as it provides us with a measure of how we are performing and it can help us identify what is working well and areas that we can improve upon.

Below are some of the comments we have received most recently on our Friends and Family Test:

  • ‘Happy with how this practice is up to date and adopts new ideas’
  • ‘Very hard to book an appointment when urgent’
  • ‘The standard of care I receive is exceptional compared to other GP Practices my friends attend’
  • Thank you for offering an extremely polite and helpful service. We as a family are very grateful that we have always been able to get appointments or on rare occasions, when fully booked, a phone call from the doctor. Staff on reception are always very friendly, polite and courteous and if waiting times have been experienced we have always received an apology straight away from doctors when going into our appointment. Thank you again, you all have busy jobs which I’m sure are quite thankless at times but it is much appreciated.’
  • ‘Need to change the chairs’
  • ‘Superb, professional and friendly practice. The ladies on reception go the extra mile!’
  • ‘It would be appreciated if it was easier to book an appointment with your preferred doctor at a time that is convenient particularly when you have an urgent need’
  • ‘Present system works well DO NOT change it.’
  • ‘More privacy at the desk’
  • ‘Can you change the channel on the TV please more like for kids’
  • This surgery is the best practice we have ever been associated with the staff are always helpful and kind. NHS should be proud of this practice.’

 Friends & Family Test

There is one question to which patients are asked to provide a response. Please note that for NHS England the only positive response is ‘Extremely Likely’. To give us your feedback please select ONE response to the question below from the options given. You can leave any comments you have in the free text box. Once you have given your feedback click on the submit button to send it to us.

Friends & Family Test Question

Friends & Family Test Question


Please note that this is an anonymous survey but if you would like  a reply to your feedback please contact Karen Wheeler Practice Manager.