Support for Patients and Carers – end of life care

In medical terms End of Life Care refers to the care of patients in the final hours or days of their lives and more broadly the care of all patients with a terminal illness that is advanced and incurable.

End of life care involves a number of different areas where decisions need to be made including questions around palliative care, whether medical intervention is wanted and the patient’s right to self-determination.

One of the biggest challenges carers can face is when the person they are caring for is approaching the end of life.  Carrying out some basic medical and care tasks can be very stressful.

Whilst caring for someone who’s dying there can be some quite distressing moments and it can be helpful to carers if they know what to expect as the end of life comes nearer. It can also become harder to care for your own needs but there are a range of support services available.

The links below take you to web-sites that give information, help and support to patients and their carers with end of life issues.

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