…get the right treatment

Here at Towcester Medical Centre we can provide a huge range of advice, examinations, treatment, vaccinations, prescriptions and other routine healthcare, but did you know that there are lots of other local services you can go to directly for help without having to wait to see a doctor?


DID YOU KNOW that you know you can get advice, treatment, over the counter medications and prescriptions from your Local Pharmacy? The average pharmacist will be able see you within a few minutes without an appointment. Under the Pharmacy First Scheme, the pharmacist can prescribe medicines for the following conditions (normal charges and exemptions apply):

Coughs, colds, sore throats and blocked nose
Thrush and uncomplicated urinary tract infections
Teething and nappy rash
Thread worms
Hay fever
Athlete’s foot
Cold sores and mouth ulcers
Skin rashes and impetigo
Eye infections

Just drop into your local pharmacy and ask to see the pharmacist. For a list of the pharmacies nearest our surgery check here Local Pharmacies.


DID YOU KNOW that if you have muscular or skeletal problems you can refer yourself straight to the NHS Physiotherapy Service which means you can make an appointment to see a physiotherapist without having to see a doctor first. This is most suitable for people with conditions such as:

Sprains and Strains
Whiplash Disorders
Sports Injuries
Joint Pain
Muscle Pain

If you are experiencing back pain, however, you will need to speak to a doctor first.

Find out how to self-refer for Physiotherapy here Physiotherapy Self-Referral


DID YOU KNOW that if you are over 18 years old and struggling with your emotional well being, living conditions or physical health problems you can refer yourself straight to the local IAPT (Increasing Access to Psychiatric Treatment) (previously known as Wellbeing).

You can call them 0300 999 1616 or for more information visit their web-site by clicking here IAPT

For information on other counselling services that are available in our area click here Counselling Services

DID YOU KNOW that you can go straight to your Health Visitor for help, advice and guidance on issues relating to children, parenting and families such as:

Baby and child growth and development
Childhood conditions, allergies and infections
Breastfeeding, bottle feeding and weaning
Post-natal depression and parental metal and physical health
Child behaviour issues, such as sleeping, eating, potty training and tantrums
Support with parenting, family health and relationships

For further information about your local health visitors and how to contact them click here Health Visitors

Call 999

In an emergency it is important that you DON’T FORGET to DIAL 999 for life threatening conditions such as:

Severe chest pain
Severe difficulty in breathing
Severe loss of blood
Suspected stroke
Fitting or concussion
Severe allergic reaction

Finally if you are unsure about where to go for your healthcare needs you can call 111 at any time day or night for advice on health conditions and the availability of services in your local area. Also, see link to Local Services and Free Local Services.