Minor Surgery & Minor Injuries

Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery is performed at Towcester Medical Centre.

If you have a problem for which Minor Surgery may be required, you will initially need to see a doctor who can assess whether Minor Surgery is suitable. If the doctor feels that Minor Surgery is appropriate he or she will make a referral. You will be placed on a waiting list for Minor Surgery and appointment will be booked for you when it becomes available.

Certain procedures may require the completion of a consent form. This ensures that you understand the procedure and are made aware of any potential implications.

Minor Injury

Towcester Medical Centre is equipped to deal with some minor injuries such as cuts, minor burns and joint sprains. If you have a minor injury you should call and ask to for an appointment with one of the Practice Nurses and where we can we will fit you in as soon as possible.

If a nurse is available they will endeavour to see you as soon they can. However, there could be a wait as the nurse may well be fully booked, in which case you may be squeezed in between patients who have prebooked appointments or seen at the end of the surgery.

We are not a walk-in centre and we are not necessarily able to deal with all minor injuries due to the facilities we have or if there is nobody available at the time you are injured. If this is the case you will need to seek help at a walk-in centre or the nearest Accident and Emergency Department.

If you have an injury that is more severe or may involve a broken bone, poisoning or overdose then you should attend the nearest Accident and Emergency Department.