Tests & Test Results

Blood Tests

Blood tests are carried out at Towcester on every morning and at Paulerspury on Tuesday mornings only.

Other Samples

Please ensure any other samples that need to be sent to the pathology lab for testing (e.g urine) are returned to the surgery by 12:00

Sample Collection

Samples are collected by the lab in the middle of the day which is why blood clinics are in the morning and samples must be returned by 12:00. Samples left in the fridge overnight deteriorate which could mean that the results are inaccurate or that the test needs to be repeated.

Test Results

Test results can take up to a week to come back from the pathology lab. We ask that patients call the surgery for results seven days after the test is taken in order to obtain results. Please try to avoid calling the surgery at the busiest times for test results. The best time to call is after 14:00.

When you telephone for test results please be prepared to identify yourself saying what the test was and when it was carried out. If you have had more than one test done then it is important that you know when all of them are back.

Please note that to maintain confidentiality, we are not able to give results to anyone other than the patient. The only exceptions are for parents of children under the age of 16 or where written consent has been given by the patient concerned.

All test results are reviewed by our doctors and there will be one of three outcomes:
1. Urgent Issues: If there is a serious or urgent concern with your results a doctor will contact you as soon as they get them.
2. Non-Urgent Issues: If there is a non-urgent issue that the doctor wishes to speak to you about, they will put a note on your record asking you to book a phone call. The receptionist you speak to when you call in for your results will inform you of this and book a phone call for you.
3. No Issues: If there are no issues following the test the doctor will mark it as ‘test result normal – no further action required’ which the receptionist you speak to when you call in for your results will explain.

Please be aware that unless there is an urgent or serious problem we will not call you with test results. It is your responsibility to call and find out your test results after seven days.