Ordering What You Need When You Need It

If you have a condition that means you need to take medication on a regular basis the GP may issue you with a repeat prescription. This means you don’t need to be seen every time you need a fresh supply of medicines you can simply order what you need on a monthly basis.

This is a convenient way for most people to manage their medication needs.

Problems can arise however if people don’t have regular medication reviews with the GP and end up taking medications that are no longer suitable for them.

Some people also order more medication than they need and create a stock of medicines which they keep in their home which are then wasted or taken incorrectly.

As well as being unnecessary stock piling medication is costly to the NHS and can be hazardous as medicines go out of date, might need to be changed or can be misused.

Did you know…
* Every year unused medicines cost the NHS more than £300 MILLION
* Medication can not be disposed of in household waste. Unused items should be returned to the pharmacy from which they were issued.
* Even if medicines aren’t opened, once they leave the pharmacy they can’t be reused. Any returned medication has to be destroyed.
* A GP needs to review your medicines even if you are being seen at hospital

In order to help your GP and the NHS help you you should remember:
* to have regular medication reviews to ensure you are on the correct medicine and correct dosage for your condition

* that many medication reviews can often be done over the phone so you don’t even have to come into the surgery
* to order your medication in time. It takes 2 WORKING DAYS to process  a prescription
* to allow 3 WORKING DAYS once your prescription has been processed to then be dispensed. This wait time can vary depending on the chemist.
* it is your responsibility to order your medication in time