Routine Appointments

During Coronavirus outbreak – the following arrangements are in place to keep our patients and our staff as safe as possible during the pandemic. 

Appointments will firstly be by telephone with the GP having some availability to arrange for patients to come down to the surgery if necessary.   

Most Nurse appointments will be by phone unless absolutely necessary, for example dressings, baby immunisations and some injections. 

Blood test appointments are going ahead at Towcester. 

Please do not come to the surgery unless you have had a phone call first and only then if asked to attend the surgery by a clinician or arranged a necessary face to face appointment with the nurse. 

We are working harder than ever to deliver high quality care in a safe way during the pandemic.

If you do have to attend: 

  • Come by car – aiming to arrive just in time for your appointment
  • Wait in your car
  • Ring 01327 359953 to advise reception you are there and provide the make and colour of your car
  • Clinician will come to see you at your car and may only then take you into the surgery. 
  • If you have to walk, please do, again aiming to arrive just in time.  Please come dressed for the weather and be prepared to wait outside. 

The following appointments will only be available when there is no pandemic outbreak and would be classed as a ‘normal’ service’.

Pre-bookable or routine appointments are available for patients to book on request up to four weeks in advance.

Appointments can be booked in one of three ways:

– On-line, via: Patient Access

– At the reception desk

– By telephone: 01327 359953

A brief reason for the appointment is required.  This is to help the doctor prepare for the consultation and gather any background information they may need prior to speaking to a patient.

To make sure you get the most out of your appointment with the GP please click here for some advice on how to prepare for the appointment. Preparing for an appointment