Repeat Prescriptions

new pharmacy logoIf you need to take medication on a regular basis your doctor may decide to issue you with a repeat prescription which will mean you don’t need to be seen every time you need a fresh supply of medicines. All repeat prescriptions are produced on our computer system and you will be given a repeat slip listing the medication that you can order without seeing the doctor.

How to Order a Repeat Prescription

There are a number of ways that you can order your repeat prescriptions.

  • Online: You can order your prescription on-line by using the Patient Access system. Registration is required to use this service. Click here for Patient Access Registration.
  • In Person: You can return the counterfoil of the prescription document indicating the medication you require. A box is provided in reception to enable you to drop off your prescription without having to wait.
  • At the Chemist: Some of the local chemists also do a collection service for the surgery. Please ask your regular chemist for details.
  • By Phone: We do accept repeat prescription orders over the telephone but ask that you call at times when the surgery is quieter for this service if you can. Click here for Opening and Consultation Times  to see when it is best to phone the surgery.
  • By Post: You can post your prescriptions requests to us.  If you want us to post your prescription back to you or to a pharmacy, please provide a stamped addressed envelope.

When will my prescription be ready?

Collecting Medication from a Pharmacy or DispensaryMedication
If you wish to collect your medication directly from a pharmacy or the dispensary at Paulerspury Surgery, this will take UP TO FOUR WORKING DAYS from the day you place your repeat order with us. Once you order your medication, we will complete your prescription and forward it to the pharmacy of your choice either electronically or on paper who will then dispense your medications for collection.

Collecting Prescriptions from the Towcester Medical Centre
If you wish to collect your prescription from us and take it to a chemist yournhs pxself for it to be dispensed this will take TWO WORKING DAYS for the prescription to be printed and signed by a doctor from the day you place your repeat order with us.

It helps us help you if you are consistent with your chosen method of collecting prescriptions or medications. Altering prescription destination at the time of ordering can lead to errors and delays as the records have to be manually overridden which is not always reliable.

When to order repeat prescriptions?

We ask that you order your repeat prescriptions in good time to ensure you get your medications when you need them.  We make every effort to get your prescription ready on time and can do them at short notice in an emergency.  Please remember though that the process takes TWO WORKING DAYS and when we have to rush a prescription through it means disturbing a doctor who is in surgery. If you collect your prescriptions from the dispensary at Paulerspury Surgery, please allow THREE WORKING DAYS for the items to be ordered and dispensed.

Hospital Prescriptions

If you have been to an outpatient appointment at a hospital and need medication adding to your list the prescription will be issued 48 hours after we have received a letter from the hospital.  If you need to start taking new your medication immediately the hospital will issue you with a supply to get you started until there is time for communication of your change in medications to reach us and for us to be able to process a prescription for you.  If the hospital has not issued you with medication then you do not need to start taking it urgently.

Medication Reviews

Whatever your medicines are for you will need to have a regular medication review. The tear-off slip will tell you when your review is due, please make an appointment straight away either to see a doctor or speak to them over the telephone. We will always issue you with a repeat prescription until you can get an appointment, but if the review is overdue by some time the doctor may insist they speak to you before they issue any more medication.

Prescribing of medicines to treat minor illnesses is changing

Medicines which are available to buy over the counter at a pharmacy, supermarket or other store will no longer be routinely prescribed for certain conditions.  Please see the information below.  Any queries please contact Reception for more information.