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Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are used to assess a persons ability to hear different sounds and to determine if there are any problems.

Hearing tests are carried out for two main reasons:

  • as a routine part of a baby’s or young child’s developmental checks
  • to check the hearing of someone who is experiencing hearing problems or has hearing loss

Although a GP or practice nurse can examine ears, a specialist usually needs to be consulted for audiology or a hearing test.


There are however a number of different places you can get a free hearing test. Below are some links to organisations and companies that offer hearing tests:

NHS hearing test

Boots Opticians Hearing Tests

Spec Savers Hearing Tests

Please note that there are other companies and organisations that offer hearing tests. The links given above are for information only and not a recommendation. It advisable to check whether the hearing tests offered are suitable for your needs before booking one.