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Flu jabs are free at the NHS to those who are eligible – the NHS will never ask for payment – never give your bank details out to pay for a flu jab…

Flu jabs are free at the NHS to those who are eligible – the NHS will never ask for payment – never give your bank details out to pay for a flu jab…

Hi – flu season is almost here! Book your flu vaccine at the doctor’s surgery, for more info go to our News page

Do you want a FREE, QUICK & SIMPLE communications service with your GP Practice – click here…

Hi Everyone, we need to talk to you about our workload and stuff we can do to make things BETTER – click here…

Hearing Aid Maintenance Drop in Service – click here…

are holding a monthly drop in clinic at
throughout the year helping people who have
with issues like maintenance, cleaning, batteries etc. 

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Want to avoid, queuing, holding and waiting… Get stuff done ON-LINE. Click here…

We’re doing a little campaign to help our patients avoid having to queue, sit on hold and wait and wait and wait…

It’s about getting things you need to do done on-line, which we know if you’re here on our web-site is probably telling you what you already know. We’re hoping though that the idea will be passed on to others to show them the way. It might be really helpful. 

It’s not just about getting repeat prescriptions and booking GP appointments, although you can of course do these things.

You can do things on-line at your convenience… We don’t even have to be open. It also means that we’ll be able to deal with the things you do need to talk to us about more quickly and efficiently.

Before you call or come in ~ THINK ~ is this something I can do on-line?  If it is, give it a go and save the call or the visit for something that you can’t do on-line.

We don’t like to keep our patients waiting because we know how frustrating it can be, however, we’re getting busier and busier… This is why we’re encouraging people to do stuff they can do on-line and only call or come in for stuff that they can’t do for themselves on-line.


We’re just a CLICK away – for more about our Online Communication Service – click here…

We’re just a CLICK away


  • We’re piloting a new system for on-line communications with the surgery
  • Patients can send us messages using a smartphone, tablet or PC
  • This system is for administrative and non-urgent medical queries
  • To use this system click here: On-line Communication Service


For more details click here: On-line Communication

Help us help you by ONLY REQUESTING A CALL from the DUTY DR for EMERGENCIES that can’t wait for a routine appointment – click here…

The Duty Doctor handles URGENT MATTERS that can’t wait for a routine or next day appointment.

The system works well if used appropriately by patients.

For further information about how the emergency appointment system works click here Emergency Appointments

For further information about emergencies and what to do click here Emergencies

We really value your FEEDBACK, so to tell us how you feel – click here…

We really value your Feedback.  Your views and comments help us understand what we are doing well and where we need to make improvements.

We’re really interested to know what our patients think we could do better and of course it’s always nice to get a compliment, so to give us your feedback on any aspect of the service we provide please click here:

 Friends and Family Test