Ending 2021 – Update from our practice manager Karen Wheeler

Well, we have got to the end of 2021. It started with a big push for Covid vaccinations, and ended with the same.

Firstly, huge well-done to the staff of Towcester Medical Centre who has been involved with the Covid-19 vaccinating. You have been part of a huge national effort of historic significance to protect our patients from the ravages of the pandemic.

We have been very successful. 92% of our eligible patients received a 1st dose, 96% of those went on to receive a second and we have now boosted 79% of those due. This is an excellent achievement.

During the year Towcester Medical Centre have provided excellent care as can be seen from the GP Patient Survey with 93% of patients describing their experience with us as good, 97% finding the receptionists helpful, and 98% feeling their needs were met during their last appointment.

All of this this could only be achieved through the phenomenal hard work and flexibility of all members of the Practice.

Going forward into 2022, We hope the pandemic finally recedes and we can think about other things.

We have a new management team in place from January as we prepare for our deputy manager Alison Burnley’s retirement after 23 years of commitment to the Practice.

Thank you to everyone in this phenomenal team and our patients for their continued support despite all the challenges  2021 brought.

I think we have every reason to believe that 2022 will be as good – if not even better.

Karen Wheeler