IMPORTANT – Coronavirus update (23 June 2020) – only attend if asked to do so following a phone call – and bring your own face mask. Repeat medication to be sent to a nominated pharmacy electronically… read more here

Please, please, do not come to the surgery unless you absolutely have to and only then if you have been asked to by a clinician following an initial telephone call. Our waiting room is still closed. If you are asked to attend please aim to arrive just in time and please come by car AND PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MASK! When you arrive please telephone the surgery on 01327 359953 to advise that you are here, you will be asked to wait in your car and provide your car details – make and colour for example. The clinician you have come to see will come to see you at your car and possibly take you into the surgery. If you are unable to come by car, please ensure you are dressed for the weather and be prepared to wait outside until the clinician comes to you.

ALL repeat medication must now be done electronically – you will be asked to name the pharmacy where you wish your future prescriptions to be sent to.

Fit notes (new name for sick notes) can be sent electronically by email and will be done so wherever possible.

Please do NOT provide urine samples unless they are requested by a GP and please provide them in the appropriate urine sample bottles – available from GP surgery – however, please ring first before coming to collect those bottles.