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Clinical Research

Towcester Medical Centre is an active participant in clinical research which helps doctors to understand how to treat particular diseases or conditions and to improve health and social care.

We work with the National Institute for Health Research who fund studies that turn new discoveries into products, treatments, devices and procedures to help patients and the public.

There are many different types of clinical research. We take part in studies that are suitable within the primary care environment.

Some studies require the active participation of patients in which case they would be invited to take part with the option to decline if they do not wish to be involved.

Other studies simply require the submission of aggregated and anonymised data relating to a particular area which is done using information from our clinical systems.

Patient confidentiality is paramount in the work we do and no information that could identify an individual would be shared with any third party without the consent of the individual concerned.

There is lots of information about clinical research available on line. Below are links to a couple of web-sites for anyone interested in finding out more about this.

National Institute for Health Research

NHS Choices – Clinical Trials

Our local Clinical Research Network have also produced a short video which gives more information about research. To view the video click on the link below:

Patient and Public Involvement in Research Video